Colt M-1861 Navy Revolver Shipped To Navy

Item #: GS-135

Excellent 36 Caliber 6 Shot Revolver with Factory Letter Shipped to Navy 1861'

Made: 1861 / New York
Maker: Colt
Model: 1861

Condition: Excellent

Price: $10,500 USD
Colt Single Action Army Revolver DFC Inspected

Item #: GS-100

Very Nice 7 1/2" 1882 Dated & Inspected 45 Caliber Colt Revolver'

Made: 1882 / Hartford, Conn
Maker: Colt
Model: 1873

Condition: Fine+

Price: $12,500 USD
Colt US Model 1873 Artillery Single Action Revolver

Item #: 22193

Very Fine Original Arsenal Re-Worked 45 Caliber 5 1/2" Revolver'

Made: C.1890s / Hartford, Conn
Maker: Colt
Model: Artillery

Condition: VG-Exc

Price: $6,950 USD
French M-1733 Dragoon Pistol

Item #: 013020-3

Very Rare French & Indian War- Rev War Era Flintlock Pistol'

Made: C.1730s-40s / France
Model: 1733

Condition: Fine

Price: $6,750 USD
Merrill First Model Carbine 3 Digit Serial Number

Item #: FH56

Very Rare Early 1st Model Short Stock Carbine'

Made: Civil War / Baltimore,MD
Maker: J.H.Merrill
Model: 1st

Condition: Fine+

Price: $5,750 USD
Reducedwas $6,500
Nipps M-1840 Flintlock Musket

Item #: KS71819-5

Exceptional Original Flintlock 69 Caliber Martial Musket'

Made: 1846/47 / Mill Creek PA
Maker: D.Nipps
Model: 1840

Condition: VG-Exc

Item On Hold

P.W.Porter Revolving Turret Rifle

Item #: 21283

Rare Original Third Model 26 Inch Barrel Revolving Rifle'

Made: C.1850s / Taunton,Mass
Maker: G.P.Foster
Model: 3rd

Condition: VG+

Price: $9,950 USD
Remington New Model Army Revolver

Item #: JJOB-202

Outstanding Minty 44 Caliber Martial Revolver '

Made: Civil War / Ilion,New York
Maker: E.Remington & Sons
Model: Army

Condition: Excellent+

Price: $6,500 USD
Smith & Wesson No 3 Second Model Single Action Revolver

Item #: 22194

Excellent Original 44 S&W American Revolver with Lots of Blue'

Made: C.1872-74 / Springfield Mass
Maker: Smith & Wesson
Model: 2nd

Condition: Excellent

Price: $6,750 USD
Springfield Armory M-1817 Fintlock Pistol

Item #: AB11619-2

Original US Martial Single Shot 69 Caliber Only 600 Manufactured '

Made: 1815 / Springfield Mass
Maker: Springfield Armory
Model: 1817

Condition: Fine

Price: $12,900 USD