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At Arm's Length Trench Clubs and Maces Vol. 2

At Arm's Length Trench Clubs and Maces Vol. 2

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Fantastic New Book Volume 2 and only one on the subject. By David F. Machnicki

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AT ARM’S LENGTH TRENCH CLUBS AND MACES by David F. Machnicki is a new book and the second in a series of books published by the author on the study of trench clubs and maces.
This 8 ½" x 11" first edition hard cover features 149 pages of English text with over 500 color photographs of trench clubs and maces used by the different nations during World War One (WWI). The book’s photographs illustrate and document many professionally manufactured trench clubs along with some examples of clubs improvised by soldiers while fighting along the front. Also, a small section of this reference book is dedicated to the discussion of Oceanic, Decorative and Tribal war clubs. In addition, the book presents information about the historical events that led to an evolution of strategies and tactics used while fighting along the Eastern and Western Front. Period photo postcards, along with the photographs from the author's travels and museum research are used in support of the historical text.
This LIMITED EDITION book (ISBN 978-1-5323-6413-6) introduces the reader to the identification, and classification of trench clubs as well as providing some important information for sorting out the legitimate from the reproduction.
AT ARM’S LENGTH Trench Clubs and Maces © 2017, is the third book written by the author and viewed as an important addition to the bookshelf of any historian and collector of weapons. To order a book and determine the correct shipping & payment information please contact the author: Thank you
Printed in the United States of America.
Author signed edition.