Colt M-1849 Pocket Revolver High Grade

Item #: 20573

Excellent Pre Civil War Revolver with Delux Features 5 Inch Barrel'

Made: 1859 / US
Maker: Colt
Model: 1849

Condition: Excellent

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English Queen Ann Pair of Pistols by Wilson

Item #: 10418-2

Silver Mounted Hall Marked Pistols With Military Motifs'

Made: C.1740s / England
Maker: R.Wilson

Condition: Fine

Price: $8,950 USD
H.Deringer M-1814 US Flintlock Common Rifle

Item #: OL068

Very Rare Flintlock 54 Caliber Rifle'

Made: C.1814-17 / Philadelphia,Pa
Maker: H.Deringer
Model: 1814

Condition: VG+

Price: $4,500 USD
Reducedwas $5,500
Harpers Ferry M-1855 Rifle 1861 Dated

Item #: 20580

Very Nice Rare Original Civil War 58 Caliber Rifle that went South'

Made: 1860-61 / West Virginia
Maker: Harpers Ferry
Model: 1855

Condition: Fine+

Price: $6,500 USD
Remington M-1863 Zouave Rifle Minty

Item #: 111617-1

Minty Unissued Condition 1863 Dated Civil War Rifle'

Made: 1863 / Ilion,New York
Maker: Remington
Model: 1863

Condition: Excellent+

Price: $4,950 USD
Reducedwas $5,500